Extra gig in Doncaster with refugee musician, Mina Salama

We are delighted that Nine Lives in Doncaster will be joined by the brilliant Egyptian, and Doncaster based, musician – Mina Salama. This will be in double-bill with the Nine Lives performance at Cast in Doncaster on Thursday 12 November, starting at 7.45pm and FREE to all attenders to the show.

Mina Salama

Declaration Kriol with Rafiki Jazz at Sensoria 2013 Sheffield at Shakespeare Pub

Declaration Kriol with Rafiki Jazz at Sensoria 2013 Sheffield at Shakespeare Pub

Immersed in Coptic liturgical, Arabic and European classical & filmscore music, and with a blossoming international career as a multi-instrumentalist with the Alexandria Opera House Orchestra, Mina improbably found himself seeking asylum here in 2012.

To our delight he is now surfacing as a talented and in-demand musician with his virtuosity, drive and sensitivity leading to commissions & collaborations across our polyglot UK world music scene, including performing, composing and recording with MIRO Manchester International Roots Orchestra, Rafiki Jazz, with the Haymanot Tesfa Trio, and with Turkish live-artist Aysegul Balkose.

Mina has performed at the Edinburgh Festival 2014, Celebrating Sanctuary Southbank 2013 & 2014, AHRC Connected Communities Festival Cardiff 2014, Journeys Festival 2014 Leicester, Manchester Bridgewater Hall 2013, Platforma Festival 2013, and is currently working on Haymanot Tesfa‘s solo recording project with Arian Sadr, on MIRO’s debut CD, and on Rafiki Jazz‘s 3rd album project.

Here he is in action with Rafiki Jazz & singer Sarah Yaseen:



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