Last Leeds Date coming up (national tour coming soon)

Hello folks,

sorry it’s been a bit quiet here for a while. Been very busy taking Nine Lives out on the road (actually more out on the rail – this is a very public transport tour). Thank you to everyone who has made it already to see us – we’ve had fantastic time in Holbeck, Liverpool, Sheffield and Hebden Bridge.

If you haven’t made it yet Nine Lives is COMING BACK TO LEEDS. This is the LAST Leeds date before we head off on a National Tour this Autumn (dates being announced SOON).

So if you are in Leeds or anywhere near come see us on Monday 27th July at 7pm at the fabulous Chapel FM in Seacroft. We’re in a double bill with local writer and composer due Peter Spafford and Richard Ormorod and their piece Threshold:

Threshold is about leaving home

and casting yourself upon the world, upon the kindness of strangers. It’s also about
the refusal of hospitality, fear of strangers, of the unfamiliar. I suppose it’s about
wandering and searching for/finding your place.

Tickets are Pay What You Decide and available here 

And just to tickle your fancy here are some of the things that people have been saying about the show. Enjoy!

‘I thought the performance was outstanding. I was very impressed by the range of emotional ups and downs that Mr Bryant exposed to the audience. I didn’t expect that such a range of immigrant experiences would be discussed and I liked the critique of class. The script is simply poetic and brilliantly written’ (Professor Barbara McCaskill (Athens-Georgia, US), interested audience member, Liverpool)

‘Really powerful and truthful, didn’t make fun of the characters. Just honest and playful. Really very emotional and touching…It deserves to reach as wide an audience as possible. As a daughter of immigrants I felt very affected by narrative’ (Tuktu Barbaros, London)

‘Best thing I’ve seen in ages, loved the performance and the writing. Made me laugh and made me cry’ (Giona Hesselden,  Hebden Bridge)

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