Nine Lives Livestream


It has been a 4 years since we last presented Ishmael’s story – his life as an asylum seeker in Leeds – and now feels like the right moment to share it again. Do have a watch and if you like it please share, tell your friends, and donate to one of the charities below.

This performance of Nine Lives by Zodwa Nyoni, performed by Lladel Bryant, and directed by Alex Chisholm, was livestreamed from the Arcola Theatre London on 29 January 2016 by Upstart Theatre. Presented by Leeds Studio in Association with Leeds Playhouse


The sharing of Nine Lives has now finished but do watch this space or follow us on Twitter @LeedsStudio


Fleeing from his home where a fresh wave of homophobia threatens his life, Ishmael has sought sanctuary in the UK. Dispersed to Leeds, Ishmael waits to hear his fate, he waits for a new life to begin amongst strangers. But not everyone is bad… can he find a place to call home again?

If you’ve enjoy this performance please donate to:

UKLGIG – supporting LGBTQI+ people through the asylum and immigration system Donate Here 

Or Black LGBTQI+ Therapy Fund Donate Here

This performance will be live until 20th July 2020.

Some of us wanted to stop being afraid.

Some of us wanted to find ourselves.

Some of us wanted to belong.


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